Shake Rattle & Roll


"Shake the prison
Rattle the cages
Roll away the Stone !"
For I will do a shaking in this hour ,
I will Rattle Dead men's bones ,
And I will open the prisons and let the captives go free , I will open the prison and passes the Captives will Come to Me !
We To Be Free is sass to s
Come unto Me !
He who the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed !
He who the Son Sets Free Comes to Me and I will for Reason cast them out !
For I Have Set Them Free to Come to Me !
And Come Unto Me They Will Come !

I will shake everything that holds them from Me !
I will shake their doubt,
I will shake their religion,
I will shake the Pain they have suffered in My Name ,
I will shake the inconsistencies they have Seen in others , I will shake their doubts and their self esteem issues , I will Cause them to Esteem Me Very Highly !
For Their Sakes I will Shake them from Their Sleep and Awake them in My Goodness from the Daze they have slumbered in ,
I will Cause them to arise from the drunkenness of their opinions and Seek Me and Find Me with All their Hearts !
For I Am Willing to Be Found in this Hour says the Lord !


Setting free From the Prison of inconsistency in Jesus name

For I Am bringing Many out of Prison in this Hour !
Some from physical prisons
Prisons of Hope
Will be setFree

The perception of the situation is different than the reality of the situation

I will Heal Their inconsistency 's says the Lord!
I will Heal
Their in adequacy's
Prisoners of conscience

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